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Seminario del Zhouwen Zhao de la Universidad de Michigan, titulado «Critical Resolved Shear Stresses (CRSS) of Hexagonal Titanium from Nanoindentation Optimization» – A las 13:00 hr en la Sala de Seminarios

Abstract: Titanium and its alloys are important engineering materials due to their low density, high strength, and good bio-compatibility. The study of critical resolved shear stress (CRSS) values of basal, prismatic, and pyramidal ⟨c + a⟩ slip systems has been a hot topic in the community as

Seminario del Dr. Enzo Liotti de la Universidad de Oxford, titulado «In-situ x-ray imaging studies of solidification» – A las 12:30 hr en la Sala de Seminarios

Abstract: Synchrotron x-ray–based imaging techniques, such as radiography and tomography, have reached sufficient spatio-temporal resolution that they are now used almost routinely to investigate solidification in technologically important systems such as steel, Ni, Al, and other alloy systems.

First Year Assessment de Akshya Kumar Pandey titulado «Developing Ti- and Fe-based powders for laser additive manufacturing of ultrafine eutectics» – En la Sala de Seminarios a las 12:00 hr

Decades of academic research has gone into developing ultrafine eutectic and near-eutectic alloys of the systems Ti-Fe-Sn-Nb, Ti-Fe-Co, Fe-Ti-Si, Fe-Ti-Zr-B, etc., with remarkable mechanical properties. However, no conventional casting process exists that can provide high enough cooling rates