Seminario del Sergio Sanchez González de la Universidad Northumbria, titulado «Metallic materials for biodegradable implants and antimicrobial surfaces» – 22 de julio las 12:00 pm en la Sala de Seminario.

Metallic materials are of interest in the healthcare sector because they can be used for multiple applications including as biodegradable implants and as antimicrobial touch surfaces for hospitals and other healthcare settings. With an ever-increasing demand for materials that need to meet different requirements, there is a need for multifunctional performance materials. This can be achieved through control of the cooling rate and via microalloying to control the bulk properties of materials and also using surface engineering techniques to tune their surface properties.
This presentation will be focused on my research in biodegradable magnesium-based amorphous/crystalline alloys and on antimicrobial and wear resistant CuZr-based alloys. In addition, the ability to tune the antimicrobial performance of metallic materials via laser technology will be also presented.

Sergio Gonzalez is Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University, UK. His research focuses on the development of novel metallic alloys obtained by rapid solidification and on their structure-processing-properties relationship. He has published more than 57 peer-reviewed research papers (H-index 17) and over 35 international/national conferences. He has received funding as PI from different funding bodies and countries. From UK (EPSRC, Royal Society, InnovateUK and the IOP), Spain (Juan de la Cierva Fellowship, FPI Fellowship) and from Japan (WPI-Advanced Institute for Materials Research). In addition, he has participated as Co-I in various European projects (Marie Curie Initial Training Network BioTinet and EU Human Potential Programme, HPRN-CT-2002-00203). He is full member of the Programme Peer Review College member in UK and editorial-board member of nine high-impact scientific journals.