Anastasiia Mikhalchan

«We developed a method to enhance mutual alignment and stress-transfer in multiyarn CNT fabrics, which is a critical step for scaling up the CNT fabrics manufacturing process and further industrial implementation.»

Thomas Bieler

«Being curious about how the world works (from ‘why did this happen?’, to ‘why am I here?’) provides a motivation for asking critical questions, and provides the basis for successful research thrusts»

Carl Boehlert

«Material scientists are always trying to push the envelop to develop that one material with that one microstructure that can be used for a variety of applications, and along the way materials development occurs and we find certain materials and microstructures that can be used for certain applications»

Teresa Pérez Prado

«IMDEA Materials has provided a unique opportunity both to mature as a scientist as well as to contribute to the creation and growth of a research institute in Spain»

Mauricio Terrones

«Creo firmemente que es importante que cada uno haga aquello que le gusta y le motive en el día a día»

Damien Tourret

«Dendritic microstructures are present in nearly every piece of metal around us»