Alumni en el Punto de Mira

Mientras que la mayoría de los investigadores postdoctorales dedican su carrera a la industria o al mundo académico, el Dr. Miguel Herráez, antiguo investigador de IMDEA Materiales, decidió forjar su propio camino.  El Dr. Herráez es fundador de TecnoDigital School, una plataforma en línea

Paloma Hidalgo

Dr. Paloma Hidalgo Manrique joined IMDEA Materials in 2012 as a postdoctoral researcher after completing her PhD in high-strength aluminium alloys at the National Centre for Metallurgical Research. At IMDEA, Dr. Hidalgo was part of what is now known as the Sustainable Metallurgy research group under

Pablo Romero

Dr. Pablo Romero joined IMDEA Materials in 2012 where he completed his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering specialising in carbon nanomaterials in conjunction with the Carlos III University in Madrid. Dr. Romero’s work focused on the development of carbon-based nanocomposites thin films. Since

Olben Falcó

Dr. Olben Falcó Salcines joined IMDEA Materials Institute in 2014 having previously completed his PhD in the ´Analysis of Process-Induced Defects on Steered-Fibre Panels for Aeronautical Applications´ at the University of Girona. While at IMDEA Materials, Falcó Salcines worked as a postdoctoral

Bárbara Bellón

Dr. Bárbara Bellón joined IMDEA Materials Institute in November, 2015. While at the Institute, she completed her PhD titled “Multiscale experimental characterization and modelling validation of microstructure and mechanical properties of engineering alloys” in conjunction with the Technical

Antoine Jerusalem

Professor Antoine Jerusalem joined IMDEA Materials in 2008 following the completion of his post-doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He spent four years at IMDEA Materials as leader of the Computational Mechanics of Materials Group, with a focus on the modelling of a wide

Álvaro Doñoro

Álvaro Doñoro was born in Madrid, Spain. He joined IMDEA Materials in 2017 and became a PhD student in 2019. He completed his PhD thesis entitled “Stable lithium-sulfur batteries through electrode and interface engineering” under the supervision of Vinodkumar Etacheri in 2022. In 2021, he joined the

Alicia Moya Cuenca

Dr Alicia Moya Cuenca was born in Cuenca, Spain. She joined IMDEA Materials in 2013, where she completed her PhD thesis entitled “Hybrid systems based on metal oxide and nanocarbons: electronic properties and applications for photocatalysis” under the supervision of Dr. Juan J. Vilatela. Afterwards,

Francisca Martínez-Hergueta

La Dra. Francisca Martínez Hergueta se incorporó a IMDEA Materiales en 2011 donde realizó su doctorado en Ingeniería de Estructuras, Cimentaciones y Materiales supervisado por el Prof. Carlos González y el Prof. Javier Llorca. Presentó su tesis titulada "Análisis multiescala del comportamiento

Eva Moreno

Dra. Eva Moreno was born in Toledo, Spain. She joined IMDEA Materials in 2009, where she completed her PhD thesis entitled “Formability of ultra-fine grained metallic materials” under the supervision of Dr. Ilchat Sabirov. Afterwards, she found a position as a metallurgist in the materials

Saeid Loftian

Dr. Saeid Loftian was born in Iran. He joined IMDEA Materials in 2010, where he completed his PhD thesis entitled "High-Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Al/SiC Nanoscale Multilayers" under the supervision of Dr. Jon Molina and Prof. Javier LLorca. The thesis was awarded with the best PhD Thesis

Rocío Muñoz Moreno

Rocío Muñoz Moreno finished her joint PhD (IMDEA Materials and UCM III) in 2014. Then she joined the Cambridge University's Rolls-Royce UTC (University Technology Centre) as postdoc and currently, she is working in the HP 3D printing team in Barcelona as an R&D Materials System Integration

Nathamar Dudamell​

Dr. Nathamar Dudamell Caballero was born in Maracay, Venezuela. She completed a MSc in Metallurgy Engineering at the Central University in Caracas, Venezuela (UCV) in 2006. In 2007 she joined the ALCOA’s Aluminium Research and Development Center in Alicante site. In 2008 Dr. Dudamell Caballero

Arcadio Varona​

Arcadio Varona finished his PhD at IMDEA Materials in 2016, under the supervision of Ilchat Sabirov and Teresa Pérez Prado. Later on, he joined GRUPO ANTOLIN-EUROTRIM as quality engineer. Starting this interview, would you explain us how your scientific vocation born? When and why did you take the