Formación transversal

Besides on-the-job technical training, IMDEA Materials Institute is committed to train the Institute’s scientists and staff in “soft” or transversal skills. Those competences are relevant to a broad range of occupations and sectors (academic research or teaching career, specialization in a given field or a career at industry or other type of organization) and are the building blocks for the development of the «hard» skills required to succeed on the labor market.

Below you can consult the history of courses that have already taken place and the ones that are currently under preparation. These courses are mainly targeted to Research Assistants and Associates.


Career management and recruitment processes. Academia vs industry

September 2019. 7 hours

Creating a career development plan

How to prepare for a recruitment process. Academia vs industry: structure your résumé, write cover letters according to job description, realize that applications differ depending on the country, present yourself confidently and convincingly, main (and useful) job search sites.

Getting to know different academic career paths. Real experiences.

Options for the exploitation of research results

November 2019. 4 hours

Commercialization channels (IP exploitation, spin-off, consultancy).

Knowledge transfer channels (publishing, conferencing and networking, standards, policy…).

2019 Courses

Writing techniques for R&I project proposals

22nd May 2019. 4 hours
Delivered by: Eva García (RTDI)

Analysing and managing critical success criteria

Introduction to persuasive writing: concepts, techniques and tools

Enhancing proposal “readability”: importance, techniques and tools

Economics and finances for scientists and engineers. Basics for the design of a business plan

February 2019. 14 hours

To be delivered by: Eva García (RTDI)

Theatre of business models
Conclusion analysis and consolidation of concepts
Business modelling: Team work over a real case
How to innovate business models and chaired discussion around real cases
Uptake of new technologies: Loop, dynamics and decision-making
Economic and finances: Basic concepts and quantitative techniques; Study cases
Giving value to innovation projects: Basic concepts and quantitative techniques; Study cases and discussions

2018 Courses

Practical advice for writing and defending an excellent PhD Thesis

6th April 2018. 1 hour
Delivered by: Miguel Herráez, Joseba Múgica and Carlos González (IMDEA Materials Institute)


Before writing / Writing / Formatting the document /
Defending the Thesis
More recommendations

Professional management of R&I projects under H2020 collaborative schemes

17th April 2018. 7 hours
Delivered by: Eva García (RTDI)


Introduction / Professional management of projects. PMI standards / Management of H2020 projects

Science communication

13th & 20th June 2018. 8 hours
Delivered by: Luis Quevedo (filmmaker, podcaster, producer and TV personality)


What the media wants and how to be a proactive communicator
“MoJo” Mobile journalism basics and other tools
Non-traditional communication, non verbal language, visuals and more
On-camera, mock interviews and feedback
Take home package: a brief survival book on how to deal with the media

Guide for a research career inside and outside academia

21st November 2018. 2.5 hours

Delivered by: Lorenzo Melchor (Former Science Coordinator in the Spanish Embassy in London, FECYT) and Manolo Castellano (Career Consultant, Carreras Científicas Alternativas)



The Research Career Development in the 21st Century – being a researcher in the European Union
Non-academic careers for researchers – thinking outside the box

Science communication for principal investigators

5th December 2018. 1.5 hours

Delivered by: Victoria Toro (journalist)



What the media wants and how deal with the media

Q&A session

From research to enterprise: an introduction to startup creation and management

12th, 13th & 18th September 2018. 12 hours
Delivered by: Marco Laucelli (Tech maker building lovely digital product based on analytics, AI, blockchain and distributed architectures. Business Design. Product Management, Service and Operations, everything as a service. Entrepreneur)


The startup as an experiment
The problem: identifying and validating the problem
Customer development: discovering the customer
The Solution: unique value proposition
The Pivot: discovering the right opportunity
Modelling the revenue streams: revenue models and validation
Being unique: the unfair advantage, IP, competitive advantage, barriers
Reaching the customers: channels and metrics
Basic Financials for startups
Team, culture and processes
Startup management, the hardware case
Pitching to Investors: business plan, resources, needs, risks

Idea generation and informed creativity for R&I projects

27 November 2018. 5 hours

Delivered by: Eva García (RTDI)


Spontaneous creativity: map of techniques
Introduction to the integral building of R&I project ideas
Informed creativity: map of techniques
Study case: integral idea building
Technology watch for R&I project building
Study case: gap analysis
Wrap up and conclusions

2017 Courses

Economic-business basic concepts

2nd March 2017. 2. 5 hours
Delivered by: Mar García (Financial Manager at IMDEA Materials)



What does economics means in general terms?
What is economic and financial information used for?
Main economic and accounting concepts
R&D&i project budget
Case study

Communicating at the workplace

17th November 2017. 7 hours

Delivered by: Roberto Espinosa (Economist with a strong interest in sales, leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation)



Best known methods about email communications
Leadership and teamwork
Giving and receiving feedback
Effective meetings
Goal setting

Intellectual and industrial property basic concepts. Protection and transfer of research results

21st September 2017. 4 hours
Delivered by: Diego Gutierrez (FOURLAW abogados)


Patents, copyrights, designs and know-how
Ownership, management and exploitation of results

2016 Courses

Introduction to project management. Project management my PhD

25th February 2016. 2 hours

Delivered by: Germán Infante (Project Manager at IMDEA Materials)



Why do I need management skills?
What is a project? What is project management?
An introducion to project management
An overview of all project management areas, with special focus on the application to a PhD Thesis
Useful resources

Preparation and evaluation of R&D&i project proposals

11th October 2017. 3 hours

Delivered by: Miguel Ángel Rodiel (Technology Manager at IMDEA Materials) & Claudio Lopes (Senior Researcher at IMDEA Materials)



Preparation of R&D&i proposals
Evaluation of R&D&i proposals

R&D&i funding systems and opportunities

31st May 2017. 2 hours

Delivered by: Fernando Gómez (Project Manager at IMDEA Materials)


Get an innovative idea to be funded
Support programs along the R&D chain
The European R&D&i framework program H2020
Project proposal structure
Case study: from idea to a successful project

2015 Courses

Literature search. Introduction to writing scientific papers. How to prepare and deliver effective presentations

15th October 2015. 3 hours

Delivered by: Teresa Pérez-Prado (Senior Researcher at IMDEA Materials) &Miguel Ángel Rodiel (Technology Manager at IMDEA Materials)



Library search & papers writing
Effective presentations