Seminario de Andrew Cole Bergan, Investigador en el Centro de Investigación Langley de la NASA, titulado «Establishing Predictive Capability for Progressive Damage and Failure in Composite Structures: A Perspective on Virtual Testing»- 21 de Mayo, a las 12:00 hr en la Sala de Seminarios


Virtual testing by means of progressive damage and failure analysis (PDFA) of composite structures holds the promise of reducing the timeline for certification of composite structures by complementing experimental testing. The focus of this talk is on recent investigations conducted at NASA under the Advanced Composites Project (ACP) working toward the goal of developing predictive PDFA capability. A verification and validation approach is described as a framework for assessing the predictive capability of PDFA methods for the skin-stiffener separation failure mode of postbuckled stiffened panels. Examples of experimental and analytical methods used to provide confidence in the theoretical basis, numerical implementation, and validity of PDFA methods are discussed.