(i-MPLANTS) Metamaterial printing using shape memory alloys and functional gradients for a new generation of smart implants

Funding: Regional Government of Madrid, Synergy 2020 call
Region: Madrid
Project period: 2021 – 2024
Principal Investigators: Jon Mikel Molina Aldareguia (jon.molina@imdea.org)

«i-MPLANTS-CM», printing of metamaterials with shapememory alloys and functional gradients of properties for a new generation of intelligent implants, pusues, as main objective, the development of a new generation of intelligent implants, which will be implanted through minimally invasive procedures and will be able to evolve geometrically with the patients, shifting their shapes, according to the healing, growth and ageing processes. To this end, it is necessary to investigate and develop principles and techniques for the desing and additive manufacturing of metamaterials, using shape memory alloys as raw materials and employing functional gradients, whose innovative structures, biomechanical properties and metamorphic abilities will enable novel interactions with patients.

The advances of i-MPLANTS-CM are illustrated with case studies from the cardiovascular realm, by means of designs, prototyping and validation trials of real implants including: unconventional stents for the personalized treatment of complex aneurysms in arterial bifurcations and minimally invasive artificial heart valves with shape morphing capabilities.

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