Defensa de Tesis Doctoral – Ehsan Naderi Kalali

Mr. Ehsan Naderi Kalali supervised by Dr. De-Yi Wang will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Multifunctional Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) Based Epoxy Nanocomposites", at 12:00 on Friday (15th of January) in the Aula de Grados (Adoración de Miguel Castaño- 1.2C16) of Carlos III University in Leganés. 


Mr. Ehsan Naderi Kalali

Event Location: 

Aula de Grados (Adoración de Miguel Castaño)


Carlos III University, Leganés

Event time: 

At 12:00 on 15 January, 2016


As one of the most important thermosetting polymers, epoxy resin (EP) has acquired wide application in the fields of coating, adhesive, electronic/electrical insulation, carbon fiber composites and etc. EP possesses many outstanding advantages, such as low shrinkage, high thermal and mechanical stabilities and excellent solvent and chemical resistance. However, like most of polymeric materials, high flammability of EP is its main fatal drawback, which has severely restricted the application fields required a remarkable flame-retardant standards. Thus, the flame retardancy of epoxy resins continues to remain as a very important area of research for polymer chemists and material engineers. Among the various methods of improving flame retardancy of polymeric materials, incorporation of flame retardants is a very commonly used one. The present work and the relevant reporting involve the investigation of a relatively new fascinating nano-filler, known as layered double hydroxide (LDH) as potential flame retardant for polymers composites.

    Multi-modifiers’ systems for LDH functionalization purpose composed by bio-based modifiers such as hydroxypropyl-sulfobutyl-beta-cyclodextrin sodium (sCD) and its hybridized form with chalcone species (fCD), taurine (T), phytic acid (Ph), and dodecylbenzenesulfonate (DBS) were fabricated in this thesis, each designed for specified feature, aiming at developing high performance fire retardant epoxy nanocomposites.

Based on these functionalized LDHs, bisphenol A epoxy resin and diamino diphenyl sulfone (DDS), and utilizing multi step mixing method followed by appropriate curing process, series functionalized LDH/Epoxy nanocomposites have been developed. The structural morphology of LDH/epoxy nanocomposites was investigated and the results revealing that multi-modified LDH based epoxy nanocomposites showed much better dispersion state than the epoxy composites containing un-modified LDH or single modifier modified LDH. the functionalized LDH based epoxy nanocomposites show significantly improvement on both flame retardancy, such as passing UL94 V0 rating and significant reduction of peak of heat release rate, total heat release, total smoke, etc. and well maintenance on impact, flexural, micro-mechanical and anti-UV properties. Such multifunctional nano-hybrid will provide a promising solution to develop various functional epoxy-based composites for advanced applications.