Seminario del Prof. Gastón A. Crespo titulado “Decentralized Chemical Sensing: From materials to real world applications”- A las 12:00 hr en la Sala de Seminarios

Decentralized Chemical Sensing: From materials to real world applications

My group works at the interface of fundamental and applied chemical science and our aim is to solve real problems that human society is facing or will be facing soon.
There is an urgent need of decentralized chemical information and we believe that this may be addressed by using unique interfaces termed as ‘chemical sensors’. As a result, this will contribute to generate a universal path towards reliable information in key scenarios such as health care and environmental monitoring among other fields of interest.
The development of sensing platforms suitable for such purposes involve a strong interdisciplinary synergy including material science among other chemical branches.
This talk is focused of three relevant topics (i) nanostructured materials as ion-to-electron transducers, (ii) modulation of chemical gradients across membranes and (iii) biosensing platforms.


Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina), I studied Chemistry at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where I received the Licentiate degree (1999-2005). Then I moved to the University Rovira I Virgili at Tarragona (Spain) where I achieved a Master of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience and a Doctoral degree in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Thereafter, I joined Professor Eric Bakker’s group at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as a postdoctoral researcher (2011-2013) and in 2014, I was hired as Maître Assistant (comparable to Lecturer) at the same university. Currently, I am Assistant Professor at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden) since 2017 and I am also the head and principal investigator of my research group. Since 2008 I have published >80 peer-reviewed international publications (~77 articles, 3 reviews, 1 chapter book, 1 educational paper) in well-recognized journals such as Nature Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of American Chemical Society, Chemical Communications, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry (1), Analytical Chemistry, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (4) among others. My research interests are in electroanalytical chemistry, membrane transport, photo-switchable materials, redox materials, electrochemilumiscence, optical sensors for environmental and biomedical applications, triggered devices and synchrotron characterization among others.