Seminario del Dr. Javad Kadkhodapour, de la Universidad de Stuttgart, titulado: «Modeling advanced materials across length scales: toward an application-specific computational design». 27 de enero, a las 11:00 pm en la Sala de Seminarios.


The combination of experiment, simulation, and data plays an important role in the development and characterization of advanced materials.
In the first part of the presentation, this combination and the implications of the activities for advanced multiphase steels are described and explored for energy applications.
In the second part of the presentation, a framework for computational development of biomedical porous implants fabricated by additive manufacturing is explained.

Resumen de su biografía:

Javad Kadkhodapour is an associate professor at the Laboratory of Micromechanics and Biomechanics (LMB), Shahid Rajaee University, Tehran, Iran, and a visiting professor at the Institute of Materials Testing, Materials Science and Strength of Materials (IMWF), University of Stuttgart, Germany.
He works on the simulation of materials at different length scales and has had several collaborations with EPFL, Switzerland, TU Delft, Netherlands, UCLA, USA, and University of Waterloo, Canada.
He is recognized by experts at Stanford University as one of the top 2% most cited scientists in the field of materials simulation.