Seminario de la Dra. Mariana Hamer, de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), titulado “Porphyrin-based nanomaterials: design, synthesis and applications” – A las 11:30 hr en la Sala de Seminarios

Porphyrin-based nanomaterials: design, synthesis and applications 


The development of new nanomaterials and nanotechnology currently have a huge impact on modern science. Within this trend, a field that has taken relevance is the construction of nanometric supramolecular systems through the spontaneous self-assembly of molecular components. Porphyrins are one of the groups of molecules used as building blocks of these nanometric systems due to their interesting and tunable physicochemical properties. 

Precisely, combining the intrinsic properties of the porphyrins with the new properties that derive from the architecture, new innovative materials are obtained. These nanostructures can be implemented in advanced optoelectronic devices, electrochemical and optical sensors, photosensitizers and catalysts.