Funding: European Union, European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST action CA15107)
Partners: 31 participating countries, chaired by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. IMDEA Materials Institute is one of the representatives of Spain
Region: Europe 
Project period: 2016 – 2020
Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan Pedro Fernández (juanpedro.fernandez(AT)imdea.org)
Project website: www.multicomp-ca15107.eu

MultiComp is a COST Action designed to bring together theorists, experimentalists and industrialists in the field of nano-carbon materials technology. Although carbon nanotubes, graphene and Few-Layer Graphene (FLG) have been used to improve the properties of composite materials, two main problems remain to be solved before these composite materials can realize their full potential: (1) adequate dispersion of the nano-carbon reinforcement material, and (2) strong enough interfacial bonding between the nano-carbon reinforcement elements and the composite matrix. In addition to making modified Multi Walled carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs) such as branched-MWNTs, the Action will explore other possibilities of strengthening composites by integrating FLG (using existing as well as unpublished methods); theoretical modelling of these nano-carbons and composites; due consideration and evaluation of the Health, Safety and Environmental implications; making and testing composites (e.g. mechanical and electrical/thermal, HRTEM of interphases, voltage-contrast SEM of percolation networks, sensing and photocatalytic properties); development of new composite materials with Electronic and Multi-Functional properties. This Action will provide an ideal platform, especially via STSM exchanges, for permanent established researchers, post-doctoral workers and ECIs to enhance their research-related skills as well as their innovation and enterprise skills in this international network involving both academic and business enterprises.

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