Funding Organisation: Marie Curie Action-CIG, 7th Framework Programme
Region: Europe 
Project Period: 2012 – 2016
Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan José Vilatela (juanjose.vilatela@imdea.org)

The subject of this project is the production and study of new composites with multifunctional properties, including mechanical properties in the high-performance range and electrical and thermal conductivities superior to those of carbon fibre. The composites will be similar to standard fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, but instead of a conventional fibre they will be reinforced with a new type of high-performance fibre entirely made up of carbon nanotubes and which has a unique combination of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The aim is to develop the science to integrate the fibres and matrix in a way that the composite structure is tailored throughout different scales and thus, the outstanding properties of carbon nanotubes are simultaneously and efficiently exploited on a macroscopic scale composite that can be the basis for multiple applications (structural composites, damage sensing, heat management, etc).

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