Funding: China Scholarship Council
Region: International
Project period: 2013 – 2017
Principal Investigator: Dr. De-Yi Wang (deyiwang@imdea.org)

The study of fire retardancy in PVC is a very important topic nowadays due to its huge industrial application. ECOPVC project aims to develop a series eco-friendly fire retardant technologies for PVC, completely replacing the traditional fire retarding approach by using antimony oxides because of their environment impact. Multifunctional eco-friendly new nanomaterials and nanocarriers will be designed and synthesized in this project, which will be used to improve the fire retardantcy of PVC and keep (or improve) the rest of its properties. The burning behaviors and flame retardant mechanisms of the new PVC nanocomposites systems will be fully investigated. These new materials have the potential to be used in the cable industry, construction and transport sectors, etc.

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