Funding: European Union, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships, Horizon 2020 Programme (Grant Agreement 101028155 )                                                                                                                                                                            Partners: IMDEA Materials Institute
Project period: 2021 – 2023
Project Coordinador: Supervisor: Dr. José Manuel Torralba (josemanuel.torralba@imdea.org); Fellow: Ahad Mohammadzadeh (ahad.mohammadzadeh@imdea.org)

Improvement of the high temperature behavior of Ni based superalloys along the past decades was limited by approaching the gamma prime (γ′) solvus temperature to the Ni melting point. Although the benefits obtained were undoubtedly, their maximum operative temperature is a growing concern towards the sustainable development of advanced jet engine and gas turbine applications. Co based superalloys, strengthened by γ′ precipitates (with a L12 crystal structure), have recently attracted immense attention due to their excellent high temperature performance. They are considered an alternative to Nibased ones if the stability and efficiency requirements are met. However, production of Co based superalloys via advanced sustainable manufacturing processes has several issues. CNSTech project proposes the development of the next generation Powder Metallurgy (PM) based CoNi superalloys via a sustainable metallurgy framework.

The project will cover three stages:

  1. Pre-build design
  2. Process design
  3. Post-process design

First, thermodynamical modeling will be used to design an optimum and high entropy multicomponent CoNi based alloy. Then, modern powder technology (an entrance for advanced sustainable manufacturing processes such as PM and additive manufacturing) will be used for production. Finally, post-process design will be conducted via heat treatment, hot isotactic pressing, and process cost optimization. This multidisciplinary proposal covers a wide range of different fields including thermodynamical modeling, physical metallurgy, chemical metallurgy, materials processing, and design of experiments. By this multidisciplinary approach, CNSTech aims to open up new horizons to create a novel 100% European made processing route for manufacturing of cost-effective and ecofriendly high temperature CoNi superalloy towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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