First Year Assessment de Venkatesh Sivagnana titulado «New high entropy alloy formulations developed using advanced powder metallurgy routes for high temperature applications»- 1 de octubre, 2021.


High entropy alloys (HEAs) have recently garnered significant research attention due to the variety of properties they offer, including high strength, fracture resistance, thermal stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and irradiation resistance. When it comes to processing of HEAs, powder metallurgy has proven to be a better alternative to ingot casting due to its ability to produce nanocrystalline microstructures, offering superior microstructural control and compositional accuracy. But one of the limitations of powder metallurgy routes to develop HEAs is the unavailability of fully pre-alloyed powders which makes it an expensive and time consuming procedure. So, in this work, CoCrFeNiMox HEAs are fabricated successfully using commercial commodity powders like Ni based superalloys, Co based superalloys, and iron based alloys by sintering and selective laser melting to produce a fully FCC phase with promising mechanical properties. This approach opens a new research line to produce HEAs in a cost-effective, flexible and an efficient way which will also facilitate their implementation in industries.