First Year Assessment de Alvaro Méndez titulado «Harder and tougher AlTi(B)N coatings deposited by HiPIMS for high temperature applications» – 1 de febrero, 2021, a las 12:00.


A novel series of multilayered nanocomposite materials based on the AlTiN system with high Al content and the addition of B as the successful element for obtaining the amorphous phase are presented. The coatings were grown using co-deposition reactive HiPIMS from an alloyed TiAl(X) target and a pure Al or Ti target to adjust their Al%/(Al%+Ti%) ratio to the optimal value. The results of the series were compared with a basic monolithic AlTiN series sputtered in similar conditions, to compare their performance against the industry standard. The coatings including B showed higher hardness, a denser and more compact texture, improved fracture toughness, as well as better performance at high temperatures when compared to the AlTiN series.