Dr. Jiří Červenka del Instituto de Física de la Academia Checa de Ciencias dará un seminario titulado «Electrolyte and Electrode Design for Next Generations of Batteries» el 24 de junio de 2024, a mediodía en la Sala de Seminarios.


Electrochemical energy storage systems with high energy density, safety, affordability, and a low carbon footprint are essential in today’s world of widespread electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage. Li-ion batteries have become the leading rechargeable battery technology, surpassing others in both portable and stationary energy storage applications. However, Li-ion battery systems fall short in many of these areas because they rely on costly, flammable, and hard-to-recycle materials. Therefore, there is a great need to find sustainable alternative battery technologies with higher energy density and low impact on the environment and society. Designing advanced electrolytes and electrodes is key to the success of emerging battery systems. In this talk, I will show how nanoengineering can help design new advanced anode materials and electrolytes for future generations of Li-ion and aqueous batteries. I will show that the encapsulation of active anode materials in highly conductive carbon structures provides an effective strategy for relieving stress and improving the cyclic stability of the high-capacity Si and MoS2 anodes in Li-ion batteries. Additionally, I will show how highly concentrated “water-in-salt” electrolytes can be used for the construction of high-voltage and low-cost aqueous dual-ion batteries.