DELIGHTED dissemination update

The DELIGHTED members continue to disseminate the outcomes of the project actively. The researchers from the University of Ghent and IMDEA Materials Institute participated in the 8th International Conference of the Hellenic Metallurgical Society (ICHMS8) in Patras, Greece, on December 14 – 16, 2022. The event highlighted the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hellenic Metallurgical Society.

The main objective of the Conference was to gather people from academia and industry to meet, present and discuss innovative international research and development activities in the science and technology of all types of metallic materials. A significant number of steel experts participated at the ICHMS8. Dr. Alexandros Banis (University of Ghent) gave a talk about the precipitation of kappa-carbides through spinoidal decomposition in austenitic low-density steel. Andrea Gómez Fernández (IMDEA) presented the effect of microstructure on the fatigue behaviour of lightweight steel developed within the frame of the DELIGHTED project.

Andrea Fernández Gómez (left) and Alexandros Banis (right) present the outcomes of the DELIGHTED project at the 8th International Conference of the Hellenic Metallurgical Society.