Dr. José Sánchez del Río Saez

Técnico de instrumentación y electrónica

Short Bio
During his PhD, he focused his studies on integrated photonic sensors for DNA mutations detection in the BRCA-1 gen. He has published many articles and chapters of books related to this subject, assisted many international conferences and become member of different international committees of electronics, materials physics and environmental science. After his PhD, he patented four novel inventions related with electronics, biometrics, photonics and spectrosocopic life detection systems for biometrics identification. He has been doing a 2 post-docs (CSIC -IEM) in electronics instrumentation and Montecarlo simulation for nuclear physics, taking part in the construction of the endcap of CALIFA that is a high energy detector under construction for the R3B experiment (FAIR). He worked for the FRAV group of URJC (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) to carry out the European project ABC4EU (Automated Border Control for Europe). He has worked for the Optoelectronics and New Technologies department in Alter Technology (aerospace). He is nowadays an instrument electronics scientist at IMDEA Materials. Education and learning: Lecturer of several subjects at different universities related to advanced physics, electronics, optical materials, materials technology (UEM), fundaments in architecture and biologic fundamental Physics (IE University). He has been giving lectures of cyberpredators and technological crimes for protection to minors. He has directed different final grade projects in Material Technology and Materials Science fields. He has been teaching in masters related to electronics, simulation and nuclear instrumentation and nowadays is assistant professor at UC3M in the electronics department. Publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jose_Sanchez_del_Rio